International Photo-Haiku Contest

The 12th Setouchi-Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest of Haiku in English on a set theme:Setouchi - Matsuyama Category

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  2. The 12th Setouchi-Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest of Haiku in English on a set theme:Setouchi - Matsuyama Category

Contest Comments by David McMurray

This contest received 4,312 entries, of which a record high 2,483 were photo-haiku composed in English. Increasing by 5 percent from last year, the number of entries in English reached an all-time high. 1,820 haiku were matched to 14 photos supplied by the organizer for two categories: 7 scenes of Matsuyama, and 7 scenes of other cities. With a keen eye on the photos and in-depth understanding of their context, the preliminary judge short-listed hotly-contested qualifiers. The final judge selected a grand-prix, one award for excellence, and 5 honorable mentions for the Setouchi-Matsuyama category. Entries from the U.K., India, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, and Japan led the competition which attracted photo-haikuists from around the world.

Grand Prix

UKAnne-Marie McHarg

I take this path
From one world to the next
Summer pines

Comment from the Judge: David McMurray

The narrator took us on a journey, a few measured steps straight into the unknown. The final line added a welcome seasonal reference that matched well with the tranquil atmosphere of the photo. The 13-syllable poem was well-structured and deserving of a grand prix.

Red bridge (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Award for Excellence

IndiaVandana Parashar

evening walk
the new neighbour knows me
by my dog’s name

Comment from the Judge: David McMurray

The delightful text described a humorous moment of community and connection. The photo revealed a cat at the sunset station, the haiku broadened the peaceful scene to include other pet owners, including the narrator who often calls her dog to heel. A certain familiarity between the neighbors, but not too close, made for an endearing, excellent photo-haiku.

Sunset at Mitsuhama Station (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Honorable Mentions

  • Love charms, Enmanji Temple (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

    CanadaLuminita Suse

    expired amulet
    now I am in love
    with my solitude

  • A keeper and his deer, Kashima Island (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

    UKTracy Davidson

    more mouths to feed
    stretching out
    the vegetables

  • Mitsuhama bread shop (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

    BulgariaVladislav Hristov

    the smell of fresh baked bread
    I open my grandmother's
    recipe notebook

  • Looking out at the sea, Nakajima Island (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

    RomaniaMircea Moldovan

    soft waves
    between fishermen

  • Streetcar 78 (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

    JapanEmiko Miyashita

    vermilion streetcar
    rattles down the street
    the first star in the evening