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Outline of Photo x Haiku Contest

Open section in Japanese(自由句部門),Set theme section in Japanese(課題句部門),Set theme section in English(英語課題句部門)
Applications to enter 5 photos, and final, set theme section of our contest must be postmarked by January 12, 2016.
Judges David McMuray, Asahi Shimbun English edition haiku columnist

The Process of Composing Your Own HAIKU By David McMuray

The application period of the 5th Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku contest has finished .
The 6th Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku contest entry will begin in September 2016.

If you have any questions please contact "Matsuyama Haiku office"

Set Theme section in English

Photographs for Theme ※Please click for full size

Photo No.1
Photo No.2
Photo No.3
Photo No.4
Photo No.5

By mail

Please print out this entry form, write and mail to the address listed below.

530-0005 2-3-18 Nakanoshima Kita-ku Osaka City Nakanoshima festival tower 18th floor
Asahi Culture Center MATSUYAMA Haiku Contest Office

Entry by e-mail Web entry

Download PDF Entry Form

Application Conditions for English Haiku Contest

  • 1. Contestants may submit up to 1 poem per selected photo theme.
  • 2. Only those poems written by the applicant and not published elsewhere shall be accepted.
  • 3. The haiku shall be written by hand or using a computer by the applicants themselves.
  • 4. Please be advised that the Haiku entries will not be returned.
  • 5. Matsuyama Haiku Office shall hold all copyrights for the announcing and publication of the winning entries Awards will be revoked for any poems found to be plagiarized, to have been submitted in other contests, or which closely resemble other poems.

Private information acquired by Photo Haiku shall be used for the purpose of contacting the winners and sending the awards. Private information shall not be used for objectives outside of the stated purposes. Private information shall not be opened to a third person. After contacting the winners, we will announce their name,age,prefecture,and city.
In case there exists any act in violation of the Contest policy the host organization will judge based on rule that canceling the award and announcement of the winner on the website.

Award Ceremony
Photo Haiku Event and Award Ceremony will take place at Shiki Kinen-kan(Shiki Memorial Hall)in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture on Monday 21 March 2016. Haiku will be posted on the Matsuyamahaiku website. Contest winners will be notified by mail or e-mail in early March 2016. Awards will be mailed to winners’ home address
Awards & Prizes

Excellence Award(1)

30,000 yen gift coupon and special locally produced products or handicrafts from Matsuyama.

Prize Winners(3)

Prize winners receive gifts from Matsuyama.

Please direct
all inquiries to
Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Closed Sundays and holidays)
The host
SETOUCHI-MATSUYAMA Photo Haiku Office, Asahi Shimbun, Asahi culture center.